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光绪元宝 双旗币


规格:双旗重:9.5 g 直径:3.24 cm 光绪重:23.8g 直径:3.89cm


Gua山东的期货公司有哪些ngxu yuan ba山东的期货公司有哪些o was one of 山东的期货公司有哪些the currency circulated during the guangxu period of the qing dynasty. Zhang zhidong, governor of hubei province, guangdong province, was the first to introduce the British coinage machine to cast silver and copper yuan, which was followed by other provinces. A total of 19 provincial bureau casting, except the central ministry of household, the local province cast copper yuan, all engraved on its front edge province name.


The back inner circle of the collection is the divine dragon totem, the pattern is like a knife carved into, the casting technology god to its skill, and the dragon body pattern is exquisite, the dragon body is fine, the dragon head is majestic and domine, extremelymagnificent, beautiful moving soul! Dragon totem decoration is natural and pure, smooth and smooth. Outer ring of beads, the layout of money elegant, and the existence of a very rare, great popularity of a, with immeasurable academicand historical value.


Guangxu yuanbao is the first large-denomination currency in circulation in guangxu period of the qing dynasty. It is the first printed and circulated currency that introduced overseas technology in China.


Beiyang is the old name of tianjin area, which was called zhili province in the qing dynasty. Beiyang machinery bureau (also known as the general bureau of military machinery and tianjin machinery manufacturing bureau) was an early modern Arsenal in China. It was founded in 1867 by chonghou, minister of commerce of beiyang three companies, and succeeded by li hongzhang in 1870. In the thirteenth year of guangxu reign (AD 1887), li hongzhang set up the machine casting money bureau (baojin bureau) in tianjin, which was attached to beiyang machinery bureau. It cast copper COINS with machinery and imported some coinage equipment from beiyang machinery bureau and some from Britain. In the 25th year of guangxu's reign, the qing government allowed beiyang machinery bureau to continue minting silver COINS, which was renamed beiyang silver dollar bureau. During guangxu period, a series of silver COINS were minted, but because it was not convenient to use in circulation, the amount of silver COINS was very rare, which was more precious.

此枚是“湖南省造双旗币”,其诞生的历史背景就是在清政府垮台之后,以孙中山先生指导的北方反动党成立了“民国政府”,百废待兴,但是由于钱币机制并未形成良好的机制制度,所以大部分地方紧急采取制币机制,中华民国沿用清代的造币设备和造币技术,铸造了“湖南省造双旗币”。双旗币就是在这种情况下形成的。湖南造币总厂的“双旗币”造型简单,设计合理,被广泛推广。This medal is made double flag currency "in hunan province", the historical background of the birth of is in following the collapse of the qing government, under the guide of sun yat-sen, the northern opposition parties has established "the government of the republic of China", the newborn, but because the coin mechanism has not formed a good mechanism system, so most of the local emergency take coin mechanism, continue to use the coinage of equipment in the qing dynasty of the republic of China and coinage technology, casting a "build double flag currency" in hunan province. This is where the double-flag coin came into being. The "double-flag coin" of hunan coinage general factory is simple in shape, reasonable in design and widely popularized.

正面图案中央为两面交叉的国旗,上方为“湖南省造”四字,下方为记值:当制钱二十文;左右分列花枝,背面图案为稻穗组成的嘉禾纹,寓意“家和”,寓意国家注重农桑和百姓生活,画面造型极为和谐。纹饰别致,边缘环英文。The front of the central pattern for the two crossed national flag, the upper part of the "hunan province made" four words, the bottom of the record value: when the money twenty; Flowers and twigs are arranged on the left and right, and the pattern on the back is golden harvest grain composed of rice ears, which means "home harmony". It means that the country pays attention to the life of farmers, mulberry trees and common people, and the picture modeling is extremely harmonious. Unique decoration, edge ring English.

双旗币普遍流通的都是当十文的,二十文的发行数量较少,民国在中国历史上仅仅存在了几十年的时间。虽说民国时期的钱币版本较多,但这种正面镌刻有“二十文”楷体字、在当今的藏品市场中并不多见。因此,在兵荒马乱、国内战争频发的期间内,依然可以保留下来,具有很高的收藏价值。Double-flag COINS are generally circulated in the form of ten languages, while the number of twenty languages is relatively small. The republic of China only existed for several decades in Chinese history. Although the republic of China period coin version more, but this front engraved with "20 text" regular character, in today's collection market is not often seen. Therefore, during the period of chaos and frequent civil wars, it can still be preserved and has a high collection value.


Although the coin is small, it can also get a glimpse of the social culture and economy at that time, and highlight the exquisite manufacturing technology at that time. This coin goes through the passage of time, the surface is slightly worn down, and it gives out natural brightness because it changes hands in circulation. It has immeasurable academic, collection and research value!



规格:重:324.9 g



《 大彬六方 》荣获2014年首届沈阳·宜兴紫砂精品文化节金奖。《 八面玲珑壶 》荣获山东省第二届工艺美术精品暨家居用品博览会2014“神龙杯”工艺美术精品奖金奖。《 时来运转 》荣获第十六届中国【国家级】工艺美术大师精品博览会“中国工艺美术金奖”。《 情缘 》荣获第2015年中国工艺美术精品博览会金奖。《 刻龙大仿古 》荣获第十五届中国[国家级]工艺美术大师精品博览会中国工艺美术金奖。《 福君 》作品被江苏无锡博物馆永久收藏。此云锦壶运用黄龙山特级老天青泥塑造而成,造型大方,端庄威严,壶身线条流畅均匀,触之温润如玉,显示出敦厚温润的质感创造了一个全新的艺术形象,光可鉴人,隽永耐看,嘴、把衔接浑然一体;口盖紧密而不凝滞,壶身内壁清爽利落。
壶身纹饰的装饰应溶紫砂陶艺于一体,既艺颠添锦,又不夺壶艺自然质朴的美感素质。充分表现了紫砂艺术的美感。壶身一侧纂刻着集司空曙、李群玉诗题卷石洞天群玉山房:渔浦浪花摇素壁; 玉峰晴色上朱栏。另一侧则刻画着象征一侧诗词的山水画。两者结合寓境美好,仿佛身临其境。此壶身上的诗词画将云锦壶整体的美和艺术感完美融合,非常具有艺术收藏价值。

Zhan Jingjian was born in 1966 in Dingshu Town, Yixing, the capital of Tao.In 1988, he joined the apprenticeship class of Yixing Zisha Craft Factory No. 3, an industrial and trade joint venture. He studied purple sand kettle with Dong Xinhua, an old folk artist, and studied diligently and rigorously. After that, he received careful guidance from arts and crafts masters such as Gu Daorong and Wang Sanda. His skills advanced by leaps and bounds. His works are famous for their flowers and goods, and their creativity is novel, especially for the performance of natural objects. On the basis of tradition, they integrate into their personal style and pursue harmony as a whole.The natural transition with local fine treatment and collocation makes the works full of refined charm, simple and elegant shape, and is one of the outstanding contemporary young purple sand artists. The works have been well received by people in the industry, and have won gold and silver awards in exhibitions many times. Museums compete for collection, and are sought after by purple sand collectors.Founded Purple Sand Studio-Huyi Pavilion in 2006.
Award-winning experience:

Dabin Liufang won the gold medal of the first Shenyang Yixing Purple Sand Fine Culture Festival in 2014."exquisite pots on all sides" won the gold medal of the 2014 "Dragon Cup" Arts and Crafts Award of the second Shandong Arts and Crafts Fine Arts and Household goods Fair."good fortune" won the "China Arts and Crafts Gold Award" of the 16th China [National] Arts and Crafts Masters Fair."Love" won the gold medal of the 2015 China Arts and Crafts Fair."carved Dragon Great Antique" won the Chinese Arts and Crafts Gold Award of the 15th China [National] Arts and Crafts Masters Fair.The works of Fujun are permanently collected by Wuxi Museum in Jiangsu Province.This cloud brocade pot is molded by Huanglongshan super heaven green clay, the shape is generous, dignified and dignified, the kettle body lines are smooth and even, touch the warm and moist as jade, showing a sincere and moist texture to create a new artistic image, light can learn from people, meaningful to see, mouth, the connection is integrated; the mouth cover is tight but not stagnant, and the inner wall of the kettle body is fresh and neat.
The decoration of the kettle body should dissolve the purple sand ceramic art in one, not only add brocade to the art, but also do not take away the natural and simple aesthetic quality of the kettle art.It fully expresses the beauty of purple sand art.One side of the kettle body is engraved with the poems of Ji Kongshu and Li Qunyu, the stone cave Tianqun Yushan room: Yupu spray shakes the plain wall, and the clear color of Jade Peak is on Zhu Lan.The other side depicts the landscape painting that symbolizes the poetry on one side.The combination of the two is beautiful, as if in person.The poems and paintings on this pot perfectly integrate the overall beauty and artistic sense of Yunjin kettle, which is of great value for art collection.